Trento Bondone, 2-3 luglio 2022
Trento - Bondone

The twelfth of Simone Faggioli one step away from the record

It is a joint that has succeeded perfectly every time since 2010, with the exception of 2018. But only because Simone Faggioli was not present on that occasion. We are talking about the perfect mosaic that every year the Tuscan driver manages to compose at the "Trento Bondone", virtuously combining the qualities of his Norma M20 Fc, those of his clean driving, the characteristics of a route and an event that transmits stimuli and sensations. unique. Today he secured his twelfth victory in this race, the eleventh in the last twelve editions, with a time of 9'04"65, the second ever after his unattainable 9'00"52 in 2017. An excellent time, if we consider that as of this year the cars have been ballasted to limit their performance, to which Christian Merli has tried to respond with the means at his disposal, certainly less performing on this terrain. He led Osella Fa 30 to Vason's finish line with a time of 9'24"63, also for him the second ever in this race behind the 9'19"64 of 2017.

Simone takes home the entire stake for the Italian championship, Christian the one for the European championship. Now they will be able to continue their undisturbed race towards their respective titles without hindrance. The patrol of drivers from Trentino also celebrates Diego Degasperi's third place on Osella Fa 30, who had to fight close to seconds with his teammate Achille Lombardi (Osella Pa 2000) to get on the podium: 9'36"21 the time of the first, 9'37”84 that of the potentino. The two rose with Faggioli on the podium of the Civm, a single-color Best Lap podium.

Leafing through the absolute classification, to be composed by superimposing that of the same Civm with that of the IHC, in fifth place the German Alexander Hin on Osella Fa 30, at his first participation in the "Trento Bondone" with a time of 9'44"40, being the first of the foreign patrol competing for the European Championship, ahead of the French Sebastien Petit on Nova Np 01-2 (9'57"70), seventh overall, and the Czech Petr Trnka on Norma M20 Fc (10'03"41), ninth overall. In the middle, Giancarlo Maroni with Osella Pa 21 Jrb (9'52"09), sixth, and Michele Fattorini from Trentino with the Wolf Gb08 Thunder (10'01"04), eighth. Federico Liber from Verona completes the top ten on Wolf Gb08 Minstral. Excellent twelfth place, behind Damiano Schena (Wolf Gb08 Thunder), for the Bolognese Manuel Dondi, second in 2019 under the flood, with the Fiat X 1/9.

Thomas Pedrini (Osella Pa21) did not cross the finish line due to the too high temperatures of his engine, who in practice had set the seventh absolute time.
It is enough to go down a few positions to find the first cars of the GT group, which gave birth to an exciting duel. Eighteenth place overall for the Apulian Lucio Peruggini, with the performing Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo, who got the better of Giuseppe Ghezzi driving the new Porsche 991 Gt3: 1'36"20 the time of the first, 1'37"79 the time of the second, who was divided between driving and organizing the race as president of the Scuderia Trentina. Third place among the super cars for the Calabrian Rosario Iaquinta in a Porsche 991 Gt3, who best expressed the potential of the Lotus Exige in the E2SH version.

In group E1 bad luck for Giuseppe Aragona on a Volkswagen Golf, slowed down by trouble with the transmission of the young car, Giovanni Regis, a lover of Bondone, who performed best on the Peugeot 106, won the Civm classification.
Rudi Bicciato excelled in group A at the wheel of the Mitsubishi Lancer, finishing his race with a time of 11'07 "92. The South Tyrolean preceded two from Trentino, Fabio Farina on his first outing with the Skoda Fabia (11'19"95) and Stefano Nadalini on Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII (11'36"91).
Gabriella Pedroni stands out in Group N with her trusted Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX 3000 with a time of 11'38"23, also good at not being conditioned by the long wait in the car created by the recovery of some vehicles. The thirty finished in front of the couple from Trieste on Honda Civic Type R 2000, composed by Carmelo Fusaro and Alessandro Agosti.

As far as the RsPlus group is concerned, Luca Tosini was successful in an Audi Rs3 Lms with a time of 11'12"87. Instead, the RsPlus group speaks from Puglia, given that the victory went to Martina Franca's driver Vito Tagliente on Pegueot 308 Gt, 11'38"69 his time trial, who capitalized the final 16 seconds of advantage over the surprising home driver Alessandro Giovanelli (Renault Clio Rs Cup), in his first uphill race after a lot of experience on the track. Bronze for Helmuth Winkler from South Tyrol in a Renault Clio Cup.
Success of an Apulian also in the Rs group: Oronzo Montanaro (Mini Cooper S) won with a time of 12’41"52, ahead of Federico Raffetti (Mini Cooper Sd) from Brescia 14 seconds behind. Another Apulian completes the podium, Angelo Loconte on a Peugeot 308 Gti, who finished 22 seconds behind Montanaro.
In the ProdE group the Veronese Fabrizio Bommartini rejoices in the race with a Honda Civic Vtec, who was behind the fearsome South Tyrolean Kevin Lechner (BMW M3), trailing by 12 seconds, with a time of 11'49"44. Third was another standard bearer of Scuderia Mendola, Simon Morandell.
In the ProdS group success for the Trentino Marco Cappello on Honda Civic Type R with a time of 12'04"27, 25 seconds less than the South Tyrolean Lukas Kerschbaumer on Honda Civic Ek 4, and almost 29 less than another Trentino, or Massimo Pasqualini in a Renault Clio Rs Light, who completed the regional podium.

The race reserved for historic cars saw the success of Piero Lottini from Pisa, who made the most of the horses of his Osella Pa 9/90 to set the time of 11'33"84, just enough to keep the brilliant driver behind. Maurizio Visintainer, who got the most out of his BMW M3, obtaining a silver 11'40”66. Third place for the Sicilian Salvatore Riolo, in his first experience on Monte Bondone, who obtained an 11'51"80 with a Porsche 911 Sc, winning in group 3, overcoming Ildebrando Motti from Reggio in a Porsche Carrera Rs, 11'51”99 his time, winner of group 2. Another Porsche 911 in fifth place, the one driven by Giampaolo Basso, while in fifth place we find the first foreigner, the Austrian Harald Mössler on Daren Mk3, who won in group 1. Not Marco Cristoforetti, who for the occasion had brought a Porsche 904/6 Carrera Gts to Bondone, was able to take off, because he broke the engine during Saturday practice. The Aci Storic race, which is reserved for cars not entered in the European Championship, saw Umberto Pizzato excel in a Porsche 911 Rsr with a time of 12'09"66.

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