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Photo Contest (2012 and 2013)

«Trento - Bondone: una montagna di emozioni»
1st edition


  • The first edition of the International Photo Contest named “Trento-Bondone: una montagna di emozioni” (Trento-Bondone: a mountain of emotions”) is connected with one of the most important sporting events in Trentino provincial capital, the Trento-Bondone. The race traditionally expresses a strong long lasting link between the city and its mountain the Mont Bondone.
    It is the most beautiful hill climb, defined as the “university of the hill climbs”. It collects a crowd of race lovers from all over, ready to jam in the fabulous hairpin bends along the track in order not to miss any part of the race, but which is also curious and attracted by the preparation phases of the days before the event.
    The contest was born from the wish to immortalize the most beautiful emotions of these three days through the photo shot that freezes the moment and fixes it in the memory, taking as well into consideration the link between the race and the place as social aggregation and cultural phenomena event. We would like the Contest shots to bring the awareness of the strong link between the sport event and the cultural one.


  • Art. 1 - Organizer
    The Scuderia Trentina, in collaboration with Comune di Trento and Azienda per il turismo Trento, Monte Bondone, Valle dei Laghi, organizes the 1st International Photo Contest “Trento-Bondone: una montagna di emozioni”.
    The contest will be held during the weekend hosting the 62nd Trento-Bondone (29 June-1 July 2012), race valid for the European Championship modern and historic, event of the Campionato Italiano Velocità in Montagna.
  • Art. 2 - Subject of the contest
    All images having as subject the moments connected with the event, not only the sporting ones, are eligible: the link between Mont Bondone and the public of the race, unusual foreshortenings of a unique place and event, expectations, emotions, people, expressions, preparations, curiosities… anything provoking your astonishment and worth of having a picture taken.
  • Art. 3 - Participants
    Participation is free and opened to non professional photographers only, without age limit. For those still minor at the deadline of the announcement, the lower part of the “Application form” must be filled up by the parents or tutors.
  • Art. 4 - Works characteristics
    Only unpublished photos connected with the 62nd Trento - Bondone 2012 are eligible. Every image must compulsory be named. Works can be B/W or Colour and in digital format only. Analogical pictures are also accepted if digitalized in the requested format.
    A minimal after production elaboration (colour correction, exposition, levels, etc.) will be admitted in order to optimize the photos. Nevertheless, photos with superimposed writings, edges or other additions (either title, explanation, signature) will not be admitted. Moreover, photomontage or sure signs of manipulation (use of clone stamp, use of digital artistic filters and any other kind of shoot reality alteration) will not be admitted.
    The author shall possess the original files of presented images as registered by the camera without any manipulation, in format RAW, TIFF or JPG (when the RAW will not be present, and only JPG or TIFF formats are available, the sequence of previous and following shots to the one under examination will be requested). During the examination phase the jury can request this file to the author. In case of lack in receiving the requested files, the image can be disqualified .
  • Art. 5 - Ways of sending the photo material
    Each author can participate with a maximum of 3 pictures, to be sent in jpg format, 300 dpi, 30 x 45 cm minimum and a maximum or 8mb per shot. The participation to the Contest is on line only (files as well as “Application Form). Subject of the e-mail shall be: I Concorso fotografico “Trento-Bondone: una montagna di emozioni”.
    From 2nd July and 31st August, the participants shall sent the following material to the e-mail
    1. photo files: each file shall be named as follows Photographer NAME and SURNAME, TITLE of the photo and an INCREASING NUMBER (ex. MarioRossi_TITOLO_01.jpg)
    2. The “Application form”, to be downloaded here.
    The organizers will notify the reception of the material via e-mail before the deadline (31st August 2012). The organizers decline all responsibility for technical problems, mistakes, cancellations, wrong functioning of communication means that can occur during the transmission of the photos.
  • Art. 6 - Deadline
    All files and the “Application form” must be sent by 31st August 2012. Incomplete forms will not be taken into consideration. The sent material will not be given back.
  • Art. 7 - Works evaluation and prize assignment
    Works evaluation and prize assignment will be under unappealable decision of the Judging Commission. The Judging Commission will evaluate the capacity of interpretation of the theme, the creativity and the technical content of presented photos. The Judging Commission is not obliged to motivate the exclusion of a participant. The right of not accepting images which realization can cause damage or offence to the subject or that are not conform to the spirit of the contest is reserved. The winners will be timely contacted via e-mail and/or by phone.
    1st classified
    : a full board week (6 days), in one of the hotels on Mont Bondone (Trentino), for 2 persons, summer 2013
    2nd classified: a full board weekend (2 days), in one of the hotels on Mont Bondone (Trentino), for 2 persons, summer 2013
    3rd classified: voucher of 100 euro value offered by Foto Cine “Alla Rotonda”
    Prizes will be also awarded for 4th to 10th classified. The awarding ceremony will take place in January 2013 (date and place to be published in the website).
  • Art. 8 - Responsibility of the author
    The Participant explicitly declares to be the author of the picture and to possess all its rights. By sending the photo the Participant releases the organizer from any request by third parties concerning the ownership of the photos and the violation of represented people rights as well as any other right connected to the pictures. By entering the Contest, the Participant grants the rights of publication of the pictures to “Scuderia Trentina”, for all uses connected with the event and its future editions, exception made of the guarantee of copyright and reproducibility without previous author’s agreement. Nothing will be due to the authors for all above mentioned.
    By sending the photos, the Participant accepts this Regulation.
  • Art 9 - Privacy
    All personal information will be used following the rules for privacy protection. As for art. 13 of d.lgs. 196/2003, candidates personal data will be collected for the selection purpose only. Moreover the data will be processed by automatic means for the time needed for their collection scope only. The sending of the data is compulsory for the evaluation of the requirements for participation, under penalty of exclusion from selection.
  • Art. 10 - Spreading of the announcement
    This regulation is published in the official website of the “Scuderia Trentina”. At any moment, the organizer reserve the right to change and/or abolish the procedures of this contest before its end. In this case the organizer will inform all participants of the occurred chances and/or abolition.
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